(derived from moxie)

mox-ie | \ mäk-sē \ | mok-see

Definition of moxie

1. : energy, pep

2. : courage, determination

3. : skill, know-how

Green Plant


We’re a small team with a big passion for growing local business.

In today’s crowded marketplace small to medium sized businesses can easily become invisible, sending customers straight to your competitors. It is our mission to offer creative, efficient solutions to increase visibility, awareness and grow sales.

Marketing isn’t a cost to doing business anymore, marketing IS your business.

With combined experience, both locally and internationally, in editorial writing, public relations, social media, photography, design and a pure love for local commerce we approach each business uniquely and offer marketing plans and ideas that will make a meaningful difference, at a small-team price tag.

If you’re looking to grow your business we’d love to chat!



One size certainly doesn't fit all.
Start-ups and small businesses have unique and particular marketing needs.That's why we offer a range of marketing services specifically tailored to the needs, and budgets, of smaller businesses.


Website, Print & Logo Design
Business Cards
Sales Material
Email Newsletters

Content Creation

Images for Websites & Print

Images for Social Media

Images for Advertising

Product Images

Food Images

Store Space Images

Marketing Communication

Proofing & Editing
Public Relations
Media Liaison

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Consulting & Strategy

Audience Engagement

Monitoring & Community Management

Social Media Advertising & Promotion

Influencer Management



Cape Town, South Africa

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